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"Presently, the group is composed of Graham Smith, Nick Potter, Charles Dickie, Guy Evans, and myself. Graham is from String Driven Thing. He has already been first chair violin for the Scottish Philharmonic Orchestra, and second chair for the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. For seven or eight months he was a member of several prestigious orchestras like these until he realised that he was not fulfilling his true role as a musician. That's why he joined VdG."
- Peter Hammill in an interview, Canada June 1978.

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Graham Smith with Nic Potter and Peter Hammill in Canada, December 1978
(Palais Montcalm, Québec on the 8th)
Graham Smith was interviewed by Mju:zik magazine in February 1998 and apart from the snippet above you can read his comments about trouble in Italy, String Driven Thing, Charisma and The Roundhouse, The Quiet Zone, Vital, the violin in rock music, the split and the Van der Graaf experience.