Current MP3 Downloads

(about 13Mb)
(A very rare live rendition of this song - Bern Hitfair 1971)

(about 15Mb)
(From copy of Master tape: The story)

When She Comes - John Peel's outro
(about 0.5Mb)
(John Peel's comment after playing When She Comes - 11th Nov 1976)

(about 5Mb)
(Recorded at the The Bottom Line Club, NYC on 4th November 1999 - Hammill/Gordon)

Medley (Lighthousekeepers/Sleepwalkers)
(about 9Mb)
(Recorded at the BBC on 24th October 1977 - Hammill/Evans/Potter/Smith/Dickie)

(about 16Mb)
(Recorded at the Nautilus Club, Cardano al Campo, Italy on 1st August 1972
- recording courtesy Leonardo Viani)

A Cloud as Big as a Man's Hand - Heebalob
(about 5.5Mb)
(Heebalob inc Judge and DJ - 1969)

The Boat of Millions of Years
(about 5.0Mb)
(PH and DJ at the Charisma Festival in Rome on 22nd Jan 1973)

A Plateful of Sky at Least
(about 0.5Mb)
(A short ditty from VdGG in Bern on 23rd May 1971)

An Epidemic of Father Christmases
(about 7.0Mb)
(VdGG and Judge Smith on John Peel's show Dec 1971)

Still Life
(about 14.7Mb)
(PH live at the QEH on 20th Feb 2003 joined by HB, DJ and GE)

(about 3.4Mb)
(Taken directly from a 1969 UK white label pressing of the Aerosol Grey Machine)

(about 3.4Mb)
(Peter Hammill and David Jackson on Play Away 16th September 1980 - audio only)

All That Before - Van der Graaf Generator live
(Recorded at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, on April 14th 2007)

In Babelsberg
(about 1.9Mb)
(Peter Hammill reading - Genoa Poetry Festival - June 14th 2005)

Firebrand and Sunshine
(about 0.7Mb each)
(The 1967/68 demo tape - Firebrand has a fault at the beginning but stick with it)

Pompeii - Peter Hammill and friends live
(Recorded at the Commonwealth Institute, London, on November 27th 1974)

Killer - Van der Graaf Generator live
(Recorded at the Reading Festival in 1976)

Out of My Book - Peter Hammill live
(Recorded at the Troubadour, LA, in February 1978)