(April 1977)
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Track List
1. Crying Wolf
2. Autumn
3. Time Heals
4. Alice (Letting Go)
5. This Side of the Looking Glass
6. Betrayed
7. (On Tuesdays she used to do) Yoga
8. Lost and Found
9. Betrayed*
10. Autumn*
11. This Side of the Looking Glass**
Over 2006 Re-master bonus tracks:
*recorded on April 13th 1977 for the BBC (with Graham Smith).
**recorded on February 16th 1978 at All Saints Unitarian Church, Kansas City, USA.
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The album contained a liner with lyrics and a big PH logo
This letter from the Charisma Press Officer Andrea Rodell has an interesting "P.S." - the album was originally to be called "Over My Shoulder".

The apology for the lack of credit for Tim refers to the fact that they used one of his pieces in the World Record tour brochure without crediting him. This was part of his Nepam article.

It appears though that the album may have been released in France under the title "Over My Shoulder", although it seems that only the label was entitled thus.
Peter Hammill says that there was originally a different cover shot (which he no longer has) in which he was caught looking back over his shoulder with a very mixed expression and so he was originally going to use the title "Over My Shoulder". He believes that the album was never released with this title.
Dutch Over Advert
"I just don't like your album, mate." - read Nick Kent's review.
PETER HAMMILL an open letter... (Over advert)
"...can only appeal to Hammill/Generator fans whose enthusiasm can overcome the relentlessly miserable and often monotonous music." - Review (unknown origin)
"This isn't so much a collection of songs as a trauma bargain basement." - Review (Tim Lott)
"Over is a stunning piece of verbal open-heart surgery, served well by its haunting musical settings."
- Review of the CD in Goldmine (Michael P. Dawson, 7th March 1992)

Crying Wolf / This Side Of The Looking Glass - Promo only

Crying Wolf This side of the looking glass

Hammill on Hammill - Record Collector, May 2001

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