People You Were Going To
B side: Firebrand
People label    Firebrand label
Firebrand label
This single was released on 17th January 1969 and subsequently withdrawn.

The next official release of Firebrand and this version of People You Were Going To came in 2008. Both songs were included on Polydor's "Spirit of Joy - Tales From The Polydor Underground 1967 - 1974" compilation box-set. PH and Judge finally get some royalties...

People demo

Now here's a rarity!
(This demo was originally bought by the late Jamie Fogg in a 2nd hand store in London
for around 15-20)

... "One more final trivial aside, the single People You Were Going To/Firebrand is emphatically NOT worth the £250 it's been reported to be going for".
- Peter Hammill, November 1995

Firebrand - "This is a fairly straightforward account of a phenomenon of dire omen which occurs in Icelandic mythology, the 'Witch-ride'. Here, the manifestation is in the saga of Njal, and the event which it foreshadows is the burning of Njal's house by his arch-enemy, with the owner and his family asleep inside. On this dastardly deed hangs the cycle of retribution and revenge which constitutes the saga.
The screaming monologue of the Witch-rider is, amazingly enough, an exact translation, 'poison in the centre' and all!"
- Peter Hammill, from Killers, Angels, Refugees (1974).

Firebrand Lyrics

People review

Review in Melody Maker Jan 18th 1969

People review

Review in Disc and Music Echo Jan 18th 1969

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