Pop Rock Magazine 30th October 1976 (In French)
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Van der Graaf Generator

Apocalypse in 6/13 (starring the delectable talents of the group)

From October 6th to the 13th was the Van der Graaf tour of Québec. A tour that many had been impatiently waiting for, including myself. As my profession permitted, I decided to follow the Van der Graaf tour as closely as possible. Montreal, Sherbrooke, Quebec and again Montreal. That was the itinerary I had planned… and followed, but not without some great fatigue. The experience though was well worth it as it gave a glimpse of the musician's rigorous life on the road, but also because it gave me the opportunity to meet (on many occasions) the 4 personalities that make up VdGG. Actually what was most extenuating about this trip was just trying to meet with the band. When they weren't in their hotel rooms, there is so much comings and goings surrounding them that this journalist had impression the he was chasing after the wind! After chasing after the wind for 5 days, it's quite tiring physically and morally. Anyhow, here is the captain's log.

(Translation by Sean Tassé)

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