Pop Rock Magazine 30th October 1976 (In French)
VdGG Picture
Montreal October 9th

Today, it's raining, a downpour even, the wind violently shakes the trees, autumn rage, real Van der Graafian weather. After their little party in Ville St-Laurent, band will give a concert at the Centre Paul-Sauvé. As prophesized by Pop-Rock, the sound was absolutely terrible but the crowd demanded two encores: "Killer" and "Darkness"

This is how the tour ended for me. But for Van der Graaf there is still Trois-Rivières, Ottawa, Toronto and New-York. After which they will return to England for a well deserved rest. But their manager assures me they will return in February for an American tour this time. Of course, they will pass through Québec. And to top off this crazt Saturday, all of Van der Graaf gathered at the Nuit Magiques in Old Montreal. I go and join them for a last good-bye.

Before leaving, I ask Hugh Banton a question. "Which generate more money, the concerts or the albums?" Hugh Banton: "Money?!"

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