The Box
An Introduction - From The Least to the Quiet Zone

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1. People You Were Going To
(BBC Top Gear 18/11/68)
2. Afterwards
(BBC Top Gear 18/11/68)
3. Necromancer
(BBC Top Gear 18/11/68)
4. Refugees
(BBC Peel Session 14/12/71)
5. Darkness (11/11)
(BBC Top Gear 27/01/70)
6. After The Flood
(BBC Top Gear 27/01/70)
7. White Hammer
(The Least We Can Do)
8. House With No Door
(H to He)
9. Killer
(H to He)
10. Lost
(H to He)
1. Theme One
(BBC Black Sessions 10/06/71)
2. w
(B-side Theme One 1972)
3. A Plague Of Lighthousekeepers
(Pawn Hearts)
4. (In The) Black Room/The Tower
(Rimini - Live 09/08/75)
5. Lemmings
(Rimini - Live 09/08/75)
6. Man-Erg
(Rimini - Live 09/08/75)
1. La Rossa
(Still Life)
2. Arrow (Edit)
3. Still Life
(Still Life)
4. My Room (Edit)
(Still Life)
5. Sleepwalkers
6. Pilgrims
(Still Life)
7. Childlike Faith In Childhood's End
(Still Life)
8. Scorched Earth
(Rimini - Live 09/08/75)
1. Masks
(World Record)
2. Muerglys III (Edit)
(World Record)
3. When She Comes
(World Record)
4. Wondering
(World Record)
5. The Wave
(Quiet Zone)
6. Cat's Eye/Yellow Fever
(BBC Peel Session 24/10/77)
7. Chemical World
(Quiet Zone)
8. Door
(Virgin Vault 25/07/77)
9. Sci-Finance
(Vital Live)
10. The Sphinx In The Face
(BBC Peel Session 24/10/77)

Progmeisters Box Set Due in October 2000 - from Record Collector Magazine article.
The Box is accompanied by an informative booklet charting the course of the band from inception in 1967 to demise in 1978. This includes all the live performances which are reproduced here for your viewing pleasure.

As part of Virgin Records' promotion of The Box, Tom Ripley interviewed Peter Hammill for their "Eden" website. Read it here.

The Box Set was released by Virgin Records on the 13th November 2000. Released at the same time was a single CD, entitled "An Introduction From The Least to the Quiet Zone"
An Introduction cover An Introduction cover
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An Introduction promo
"An Introduction From The Least to the Quite Room" - Virgin Promo.

An Introduction picture
The sleeve contains the picture above and a short history of the band.

Press Release

Also on sale is a set of eight postcards.

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(only the first two CD's shown)
Box promo
Reviews have appeared in various publications:
VdGG pic MOJO magazine carried this full page review by David Cavanagh.
The Sunday Times, Culture Section, of November 5th 2000 carried this review. VdGG pic
Q Q magazine carried this piece.
Record Collector also had a major spread in the November 2000 edition. Review
Uncut Uncut magazine also reviewed The Box.
Musik Express reviewed The Box in February 2001 (in German).

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