Van der Graaf Generator at Centralstation, Darmstadt, Germany
June 20th 2013


Over The Hill
Meurglys III
A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers

Scorched Earth




Photos: Monique



Stoically in the Track

The culturally admired "Van Der Graaf Generator" are rocking the Centralstation.

Willy Rupp presents himself as "schizoid Swiss". He has travelled hundreds of kilometers to be here at this gig. And his favourites "Van Der Graaf Generator" didn't only play in nearly their original line-up, they are also performing two rare heavy-weight songs from early days, among which is the opulent 20-minute number "Flight". "Actually I've only come for this", says Rupp, still in a trance after the concert. His judgement: "ingenious".

The 63 year old Swiss belongs to the circle of followers who are still travelling after the British progressive-rock group even 45 years since their founding - now also to the Centralsation of Darmstadt. Rupp has numerous photos also from their beginning.

A lot of men with grey long hair are populating the hall, many of them are in the same age as the three men on the stage, who are acting very vital: with their complex and escalating song-constructions and their weird pathos they are developping an enormous power.

Omnipresent is most notably Peter Hammill's expressive voice which is dashing an often dark and associative poetry into the hall, out of a raised head and a haggard face.

In some theatrical moments the symphonic mixture is drifting into the musical-like, which sometimes sounds a bit like "Phantom of the Opera". But luckily enough, breaks are playing a determining part in their compositions. Then a threatening strength is coming in their pieces and everything is marching onwards with an intricate rhythm, virtuously pushed on by drummer Guy Evans. The harassing organ of Hugh Banton, the clanking guitar of Hammill and his british singing - then everything is moving stoically in the same track.

Willi Rupp is satisifed, he's pilgriming to the next show in Erfurt, then to Dresden before he returns to Switzerland. With a lot of new photos in the baggage.


(Translated by Adrian)


(Thanks to Adrian and Herman for artefacts)