Van der Graaf Generator '68-'71

68-71 cover

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68-71 Compilation Album (1972)
1. Afterwards
2. Boat of Millions of Years
3. Whatever would Robert have said
4. Lost
5. Necromancer
6. Refugees
7. Darkness
8. Killer
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This album contained the track that caught my attention, namely "Necromancer", previously unreleased in the UK as it turned out. Tim Locke brought the album along to a party that I had at my parents house in 1972. The party landed me in a heap of trouble but that's another story.

I think it was Peter Hammill's voice that I originally liked, but of course it didn't take long to realise what a brilliant lyricist he was.

There follows some extracts from the album cover which give an overview of the early days of Van der Graaf Generator and a brief discography via the album cover links.

Picture:The earliest days with Nick Pearne
Peter Hammill+Chris Smith+Nick Pearne. A few gigs around Manchester. No recording. ('67 - spring '68).

Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton, Chris Smith - abortive recording (spring '68 - Autumn '68).

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