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Track List
1.The Undercover Man
2.Scorched Earth
4.The Sleepwalkers
On 2005 re-masters only:
5.Forsaken Gardens
6.A Louse is not a Home
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(2005 re-master)

(2021 re-master)

Godbluff inner sleeve
The original album contained a sleeve liner with lyrics.

Victoria Palace Concert

Record Collector valuation: £12

Godbluff label Godbluff label Godbluff label

Godbluff review
See Tim Locke's review of Godbluff that appeared
in NEPAM in November 1975.

Read reviews of Godbluff in:

Melody Maker - "...this album is the sound of the mid-seventies:
uncomfortable, coherent, unremitting, courageous."

Sounds - "Simply, an essential buy."

Music Week - "...receptive public..."

LA Times - "Godbluff is a fine album"

Record World (USA) - "...fire and brimstone."

The Times (Munster/USA) - "Powerful"

A review of the band's University of Surrey appearance
in October 1975 appeared in Music Week.

Retail tie-in for Van der Graaf tour.

Not everyone liked it, this review appeared
in the Lancashire Evening Post (17th November 1975):

Van too many
Van Der Graaf Generator: Godbluff (Charisma CAS1109) Reviewed by Bob Papworth

THE Re-birth - yet again - of Van der Graaf Generator earlier this year caused something of a storm.
But the band's latest release does nothing to convince the listener that the new VDGG will last any longer than its forerunners.
Godbluff is a lengthy exhibition of the type of studiously avant-garde rock which so many other groups play infinitely better.
The one saving grace for the whole album is the occasionally impressive bass playing of Hugh Banton. And even then, he only shines on about 5 per cent of the four-track, 37 minute recording.
Guy Evans couldn't drum his way out of a paper bag and David Jackson's saxes and flutes are a little too simplistic to be credible.
As for Peter Hammill, alleged star of the Generator line-up, words fail. LP's come and LP's go, but Peter Hammill goes on, and on, and on, and on...

And in the Troy Record (NYC/USA):

Godbluff tour advert

Walrus magazine

Godbluff tour advert

Godbluff tour news

Godbluff tour advert

Another Tour Listing

Godbluff extra gigs
Godbluff Competition Godbluff Competition
Sounds of Oct 26th 1975 carried this Godbluff competition.
(Click on images to enlarge)

Alan Terrill sent me this list of competition winners. His wife Claire won a top prize.

Godbluff Cassette Tape Godbluff Cassette Tape

The Cassette Tape

Godbluff Cassette Tape

Godbluff press kit

A Godbluff press kit, sold on Ebay in October 2003 for about £300.

Godbluff 2005 Godbluff 2005 Godbluff 2005
Re-mastered album released on June 27th 2005 with bonus tracks.

Tracks 5 and 6, from the album The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage, were recorded live in Rimini on 9th August 1975 (see also The Box for other songs from this concert).

Tape cover Tape cover
A new re-master with 5.1 Surround Sound re-mixes by
Stephen W Tayler was released on September 3rd 2021.

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